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Address:Room 405, Building 4, No.345 East Yunling Rd., Putuo, Shanghai, China Zip code: 200062


General Introduction

Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Stable Isotope is the first research and development institution of stable isotope, which was approved by Shanghai Municipal Science & Technology Committee in 2006. It is a legal entity which relies on Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry. The center integrates manufacture, academia, research,trade, and works according to the rules of market economic and the characters of research anddevelopment.

The center is engaged in the research,development and application of stable isotope’s separation and enrichment techniques,synthesis of labeled compounds techniques,analysis and testing techniques; it relies on the famous universities such as East China University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of ChemicalTechnology to cultivate doctors, masters or continuing education; and also collects and communicate the inion about the research, development andapplication of stable isotope.The center is an important base for the stableisotope’s research and development, application research, talent cultivationand transion of sci-tech achievements.





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